ViziLite Plus

vizilite plus shelby twp miDetect Cancer at Its Early Stages

When caught early, oral cancer is one of the most treatable cancers. In order to catch it sooner, our office utilizes a special form of technology known as VizLite Plus to help find problem areas before they worsen.

Use ViziLite to Find Out For Sure

vizilite-macomb-county-miYou could be at risk of oral cancer without even knowing it. Even if you don’t visually see a sign, cancer can be lurking in your mouth. Through the use of ViziLite, you can know exactly where the cancer is so it can be treated more effectively. If you do see a sign, you should contact us right away. Take action against oral cancer with our state-of-the-art, innovative technology.

vizilite-plus-dentist-miHow ViziLite Plus Works

There are 3 steps involved with the ViziLite Plus exam. You must first rinse with a solution. Then your mouth is examined with a special light. A blue dye will appear if any lesions are present.

vizilite-dentist-in-miEarly Detection is Key

Finding out you have oral cancer is not the end. You can come back from it quickly by knowing ahead of time and catching it early. ViziLite makes early detection possible if you take advantage of it.

Overcome Oral Cancer With Early Detection

You can’t always spot cancer when it happens. When you get regular cleanings and preventative dental care, we can locate signs that will tell us you need more extensive services. By coming in for regular dental care, you are taking action toward a more healthier lifestyle.

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